Fume Extractor/Air Blower

Product Code: 020060

Personal Safety Equipment


Hire Prices

Name Code 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days Week Extra Day 
Fume Extractor/Air Blower   020060 £38.40 £44.80 £51.20 £57.60 £64.00 £9.14
Extra Fume Extractor Hose Per 4.6m Length 020801 £10.20 £11.90 £13.60 £15.30 £17.00 £2.43

For removing exhaust fumes, welding fumes or dust from grinding/welding operations, etc.
Can be used for blowing fresh air into sewers, manholes and tanks to permit working.
Supplied with 4.6m (15ft) inlet and outlet hoses—extra hose available to hire.
Optional magnetic fume hood available.
Moves 282L/sec (600cfm) free air delivery.
Available in 110v or 230v
370w motor approx. Weight 15kg (33lbs)