50mm (2ins) Petrol/Diesel Trash/Saltwater Pump

Product Code: 021040

Personal Safety Equipment


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50mm (2ins) Petrol Trash Pump   021040 £46.20 £53.90 £61.60 £69.30 £77.00 £11.00
50mm (2ins) Diesel Trash Pump  021040 £46.20 £53.90 £61.60 £69.30 £77.00 £11.00

This centrifugal pump copes with water borne debris and solids up to 13mm (1/2in)—essential when pumping out excavations, etc. where water may be particularly muddy. Must not be run dry. (This pump requires priming). Polythene bodied models are available for pumping salt water and mild chemicals.

Max. output 600L/min (120gal/min) approx.
Max. suction lift 3.6m (12ft) approx.
Max. total head 25m (83ft) approx
Weight: 38kg (84lbs)
Petrol Pump Noise

Noise: 74 @ 7mtrs

Diesel Pump Noise

Noise: 73 @ 7mtrs