50mm (2ins) Petrol/Diesel Water Pump

Product Code: 021005

Personal Safety Equipment


Hire Prices

Name Code 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days Week Extra Day 
50mm (2ins) Petrol Water Pump    021005 £28.20 £32.90 £37.60 £42.30 £47.00 £6.71
50mm (2ins) Diesel Water Pump  021010 £36.00 £42.00 £48.00 £54.00 £60.00 £8.57

Centrifugal water pump with high output for rapid water transfer—suitable for most clear water
pumping jobs. Must not be run dry. (May require priming).
Max. output 600L/min (132gal/min) approx.
Max. suction lift 3.6m (12ft) approx.
Max total head 26m (85ft) approx.
Petrol and diesel powered units available.
Weight: Petrol 27kg (60lbs)
Diesel 41kg (90lbs)

Noise: 72 @ 7mtrs