Hilti Heavy-Duty Reciprocating Demolition Saw

Product Code: 016046

Demolition Reciprocating Saw (Blades Extra)

Personal Safety Equipment


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This is a Heavy-Duty Demolition Saw with a powerful 1250W motor featuring Smart Power, WSR 1250 with keyless blade clamp.  The Saw delivers constant high cutting performance during demanding demolition work incorporating intelligent Smart Power™ sensors that continuously adjust motor performance to match the material and the pressure applied. The Saw has a Variable speed control trigger for optimized cutting in various materials.  With a Keyless saw blade change system, blade reversal is also possible.  Keyless adjustment of the contact shoe facilitates better access in tight corners, allowing best use of the saw blade length.

The tool may be used for cutting wood, wood-like materials, metals, plastics, bricks, cellular concrete and tiles (Blades extra).

Recommended Cutting Capacity: Metal - 152mm, Wood & Wood containing Metal (Screws/Nails) - 305mm.
Rated input power: 1250 W
Weight: 4.5 kg
Supply Voltage: 110V only

Noise: 89 dB (A) 100 dB (A) 3
Vibration: 26.5 m/s² 1