305mm (12ins) Double Bevel Compound Mitre Saw

Product Code: 016126

Personal Safety Equipment


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Noise: 89/102
Vibration: <2.5


A highly versatile tool for professional users, this large capacity machine is essential for joiners and shopfitters. A bevel capacity of 48° right and left means the saw can be flipped rather than the work piece, improving work rate and quality of cut. Compound cuts, mitres or bevels can be made at any angle or combination of angles.

Dust extraction available.
Max angles: Mitre 60°/50° (right/left) common angles with pre-set stops
                      Bevel 48°
Capacities:   Crosscut 305mm x 110mm (12ins x 4.3ins)
                      Bevel 305mm x 75mm R. 42mm L. (12ins x 2.9ins R. 1.6ins L.)
                      Mitre 215mm x 110mm (9.6ins x 4.3ins)
                      Compound 215mm x 74mm R. 42mm L. (9.6ins x 2.9ins R. 1.6ins L.)
Weight: 26kg (57lbs)
Power input 1500 watts 110v only

Noise: 89/102
Vibration: <2.5