Pipe Threads - Standard Thread Marking Systems

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British and International Thread Standards:
BSW—British Standard Whitworth Course Thread Series
BSF—British Standard Fine Thread Series
BSPT—British Standard Taper Pipe Thread
BSPP—British Standard Pipe (parallel) Thread
BEC—British Electrical Conduit Thread Series
ISO—International Organization for Standardization
American Thread Standards:
UNC—Unified Coarse Thread Series
UNF—Unified Fine Thread Series
UNS—Unified Threads of Special Diameters, Pitches or Lengths or Engagement.
ACME—Acme Threads—(ACME-G) General Purpose
NPT—American Standard Taper Pipe Threads for General Use.
NPSM—American Standard Straight Pipe Threads for Free Fitting Mechanical Joints for Fixtures.
Metric Bolt Dies

For threading in-situ large diameter pipe up to 4ins.
Pipe dies—BSPT only
Must be used with suitable thread cutting oil.
Weight: 25kg (55lbs)