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Product Code: 015155

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Press Fitting Tools 15-35mm   015155 £68.40 £79.80 £91.20 £102.60 £114.00 £16.29
Press Fitting Tools 42-54mm Collar  015156 £36.60 £42.70 £48.80 £54.90 £61.00 £8.71

Cordless press fitting tool for use with copper, carbon and stainless steel tube. “M” profile crimp
compatible with Geberit/Mapress, Yorkshire, Conex and Sanha fittings. Light weight, high press
speed and slim design enables access into tight areas. A built in neon work lamp assists visibility.
Standard tooling includes press jaws from 15mm to 35mm diameter. An additional collar kit
increases capacity to 42mm and 54mm.
Dimensions: 445 x 125 x 75mm
Weight: approx. 3.6kg (without press jaws)
Piston force: 32kN
Nominal pipe size: Ø 12 - 110mm (system dependent)
Press jaw fixture: 270° rotation
Power supply: Li-ion battery 18v / 3Ah
Pressings: Up to 160 with 28mm stainless steel, Up to 90 with 54mm stainless steel