Bench Mounted Pipe Cutting/ Bevelling Machine

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Bench mounted pipe saw. Cutting head rotates around the pipe to give very fast, accurate and clean cuts. Variable speed motor for easier working of hard materials.
Suitable for mild steel pipes 1-4ins nominal bore or for stainless steel up to 41/2ins O.D.

Various angles of weld preps can be made using combination cutting and bevelling blades or by cutting and bevelling in separate operations.

Blades—2mm-7mm—mild steel
               6mm-12mm—mild steel
Blades—2mm-7mm—stainless steel

Range of bevelling/weld prep cutters available. (Blades extra)
1600w motor approx.   Available in 110v only   Weight 78kg (171.6lbs)

Noise: 75
Vibration: <2.5