Contractors Hoist

Product Code: 012105

Personal Safety Equipment


Hire Prices

Name Code 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days Week Extra Day 
Model Genie SL10/SL15    012105 £72.60 £84.70 £96.80 £108.90 £121.00 £17.29
Model Genie SL20  012101 £78.00 £91.00 £104.00 £117.00 £130.00 £18.57
Model Genie SL25   012125 £84.60 £98.70 £112.80 £126.90 £141.00 £20.14

Manually operated, lightweight fork-lift takes heavy loads to great heights. Use on even, hard and
level surfaces.
Vehicle loading, materials handling, machinery or ducting placement on-site.
Hand-winch operated.
Forks can be inverted to obtain extra lift height.
One man can load onto suitable vehicle for transport.
Model Genie SL10
HOL 3m (9ft 9ins) with forks inverted 3.5m (11ft 5ins)
Max. load 454kg (1000lbs) @ 457mm (18ins centre)
Weight: 118kg (260lbs)
Model Genie SL15
HOL 4.5m (14ft 7ins) with forks inverted 5m (16ft 4ins)
Max. load 363kg (800lbs) @ 457mm (18ins centre)
Weight: 144kg (317lbs)
Model Genie SL20
HOL 6m (19ft 6ins) with forks inverted 6.5m (21ft 2ins)
Max. load 363kg (800lbs) @ 457mm (18ins centre)
Weight: 184kg (405lbs)
Model Genie SL25
HOL 7.4m (24ft 4ins) with forks inverted 7.9m (26ft 6ins)
Max. load 295kg (650lbs) @ 457mm (18ins centre)
Weight: 204kg (450lbs)
Fork Extensions
Slide over standard forks to give an additional length of up to 635mm (25ins)
Boom Jib: Converts hoist into a mobile crane with an outreach up to 107cm
Pipe Cradle: Allows safe positioning of pipes and round ductwork up to 760mm diameter.
Load Platform: Heavy duty flat base that fits over forks for handling heavy objects.
Safety Note: Use of fork extensions and boom jib drastically reduces load capacity of
machine – always check manufacturer’s guidance.