Tirfor Winch

Product Code: 012025

Personal Safety Equipment


Hire Prices

Name Code 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days Week Extra Day 
Tirfor, 1.6 Tonne    012025 £39.60 £46.20 £52.80 £59.40 £66.00 £9.43
Tirfor, 3.2 Tonne  012030 £49.20 £57.40 £65.60 £73.80 £82.00 £11.71

Supplied with 20m (60ft) cable these manually operated winches are excellent for lifting and pulling over large distances.
Treework, steelwork, civil engineering, construction and farming are areas where they can be used to very good effect.

The larger model has a two-speed capability for easier operation with heavy loads. Light in weight and easy to use without needing a power supply. Only genuine Tirfor winch ropes may be used with these machines.

SWL 1.6 tonne lifting     2.5 tonne pulling
Weight: 20kg (44lbs) inc. handle
20m (60ft) cable              11.3mm thick
Weight: 7kg (16lbs)

SWL 3.2 tonne lifting     5 tonne pulling
Weight 29kg (64lbs) inc. handle
20m (60ft) cable              16.3mm thick
Weight: 13kg (29lbs)