Beam Grabs

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Rolling and fixed beam grabs are available in various sizes to fit different ‘I’ beam flange sizes from 6mm (3ins) to 254mm (10ins) and maximum lift capacities of 3 or 5 tonnes.
Use only on tested and certificated beams.

Beam Grabs—fixed
Fixes to horizontal steel joist and is used to suspend lifting appliances i.e. chainblocks or pullifts.
3 tonne weighs 10kg (22lbs)
Fits flange size 75mm (3ins) to 190mm (71/2ins)
5 tonne weighs 20kg (44lbs)
Fits flange size 150mm (6ins) to 315mm (12ins)

Beam Grabs—rolling
Similar to above, to make movable lifting point enabling loads to be easily repositioned.
3 tonne weighs 15kg (33lbs)
Max. flange size 200mm (8ins)
5 tonne weighs 29kg (64lbs)
Max. flange size 250mm (10ins)