Oil and Diesel Transfer Pumps

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These self-priming pumps are ideal for transferring diesel fuel or oils from storage tanks to drums and service tanks or vice versa. Fitted with a 32mm (11/4ins) strainer on the inlet hose, they are small enough to be used in most applications.

Both pumps are fully portable in an easy carry frame and come complete with 2 metres suction and
2 metres delivery hose, fitted with a trigger nozzle.

Diesel Transfer
Max. Head 30m (100ft)
Max Flow 40ltr/min (9gal/min)
110v only 550w input Weight 14kg (31lbs) approx.

Oil Transfer
Max. Head 70m (230ft)
Max. Flow 25ltr/min (5.5gal/min)
110v only 750w input Weight 16kg (35lbs) approx.
Delivery flow and head are dependent upon viscosity of material being pumped.
N.B. Pumps must not be used for volatile liquids such as petroleum spirit or solvents.