Flail Mower / Snow Blower

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This professional flail mower is a high performance machine designed to tackle the worst possible cutting conditions in heavily overgrown areas. Suitable for both contractors and domestic users, it offers 3 working speeds with a powerful engine and locking differential, making it ideal for the toughest cutting and clearing tasks.
The flail mower head can be removed and replaced in minutes with a snow blower attachment. This will clear all types of snow, breaking it up and propelling it up to 16m away. Adjustable skid shoes allow for easy height selection for different ground including gravel paths and driveways.
Weight: 140kg, depending upon attachment
Cutting Width Flail Mower: 65cm height adjustable
Clearing Width Snow Blower: 60cm height adjustable
Engine: 9hp Honda Petrol

All Powered Mowers/Scarifiers/Strimmers—Safety Note
Check area before starting work for stones and debris which may be caught in the blade and thrown or cause damage to the machine.

Noise: 96/102
Vibration: 3.7