Wallpaper Stripper, Electric

Product Code: 014059

Personal Safety Equipment


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Wallpaper Stripper, Electric 110v  014059 £11.70 £13.65 £15.60 £17.55 £19.50 £2.79
Wallpaper Stripper, Electric 230v  014060 £11.70 £13.65 £15.60 £17.55 £19.50 £2.79

Steam generated by this machine loosens wallpaper in a fraction of the time and with a lot lessmess than traditional methods.The steam pan is held against the wall for a short time and the concentration of steam penetrates the wallpaper which softens the adhesive to facilitate removal of the paper.

Weight: 7kg (15lbs)
Power input: 2750 watt 230v or 110v