Floor Scarifier 200mm

Product Code: 006080

Personal Safety Equipment


Hire Prices

Name Code 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days Week Extra Day
Floor Scarifier 200mm (petrol drum & flails included)  006080 £138.60 £161.70 £184.80 £207.90 £231.00 £33.00
Floor Scarifier 200mm (electric drum & flails included) 006083 £138.60 £161.70 £184.80 £207.90 £231.00 £33.00

De-scales and chips using 200mm (8ins) drum with various flail options.
Ideal for surface preparation of concrete, removing flat roof materials or anti-slip coverings on steel decks prior to resurfacing.
Flail/brush options:
Standard T.C.T.—General purpose for surface preparation of concrete or asphalt, de-chipping flat roofs, removal of brittle floor coverings, heavy descaling of ships decks and grooving.
Beam cutters—Cleaning, derusting, paint removal and for removing ice or grease build-up from floors.
Wire brush—Light cleaning and surface finishing prior to painting.
Available in 110v 2200w, petrol or compressed air (requires minimum of 80cfm air supply).
Weight (Petrol): 49kg (Electric): 54kg


Noise: 101/105
Vibration: 6.6
Noise: 97/100
Vibration: 4.4