Bitumen Boiler

Product Code: 004150

Personal Safety Equipment


Hire Prices

Name Code 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days Week Extra Day 
Bitumen Bolier   004150 £19.20 £22.40 £25.60 £28.80 £32.00 £4.57
Tar Bolier Spill Trays  004097 £7.80 £9.10 £10.40 £11.70 £13.00 £1.86

Propane fuelled tar boiler for use in flatroofing repairs and renewals. 45L (10gal) capacity, all boilers are fitted with draw off tap to allow discharge of hot tar directly into bucket.
Comes complete with burner, 3m (10ft) armoured gas hose and adjustable regulator.
Gas consumption 3kg/hr approx.

Weight: 34kg (75lbs)

Tar Boiler Spill Trays
Shown in the picture.
This is an HSE requirement when working on roofs and useful in many other situations. To contain spillages of bitumen and prevent any fire spreading.
Weight: 14kg (30lbs)