Steels for Breakers/Hammers

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STEELS (Points, Chisels, etc.) sharpening charges Week
Large steels to suit Air Breakers, Hydraulic Breakers, Large Bosch Breakers, etc.
Normal steels (Points, Chisels, etc.)—per steel £5.00
Medium and small type steels, 4kg-10kg Electric Breakers, Air Chipping
Hammers, etc. normal steels (Points, Chisels, etc.)—per steel £4.50
Wide steels (Tarmac Cutters, Clay Spades, etc.)—per steel £5.40

A wide range of chisels, points, tarmac cutters, etc. are available for most of our machines.
Specialist accessories include brick removal chisels, gouging chisels, tamping and scabbling tools, as well as floor cleaning tools and chemical anchor drive units for rotary hammers.