Air Reciprocating Pipe Saw

Product Code: 002155

Personal Safety Equipment


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For square cuts in pipes and profiles—has pipe clamp and pivot—handles 13mm (1/2in) to 325mm
(123/4ins) ø pipe.
Can also be used free-hand up to 440mm (171/2ins) ø pipes using 600mm long blade.
Clamps available—Profile clamp up to 290mm (111/2ins) wide.
—Small pipe clamp up to 159mm (61/4ins) ø (also suitable for mitre cuts).
—Large pipe clamp 100mm (4ins) to 325mm (123/4ins).
Air consumption: 24L/sec (51cfm) @ 6.2bar (90psi)
Weight: 7kg (15.4lbs) approx.

Noise: 77
Vibration: 5.5