Cantilever Platform Deck

Product Code: 023020

Personal Safety Equipment


Hire Prices

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days Week Extra Day
£33.60 £33.60 £33.60 £37.80 £42.00 £8.00
Mininum Hire Charge - Three Days.

This assembly attaches to the side of a standard double width tower to provide further access of up to 1.25 metres outside the tower to over-reach static obstacles such as machinery and porches.

Suitable for 1.8m or 2.5m platform lengths. Only for use on 1450mm wide tower.

Cantilever width: 850mm allows reach of 1250mm
Max. S.W.L. on cantilever deck: 150kg
Ballast Requirements:
Deck Size: 1.8m - Ballast Max: 415kg - Platform Height: 8.2m
Deck Size: 2.5m - Ballast Max: 360kg - Platform Height: 7.2m

Hire Rate is for all necessary components excluding ballast which is charged additionally.
Tower inspection record tags available (Sale only)